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enterprise on the internet. This site features several businesses you can setup right now with no capital outlay whatsoever. Most are Associate Programs.

In fact, you don't even need a computer. You just need a mailbox to receive your cheques. All the secrets of free entepreneurship are spelled out in here with links to plenty of sites. This page is constantly evolving. Stop by often for the latest updates.

The internet provides you with an opportunity to create as many storefronts as you want. The more shops you have the greater your profit potential. The secret is letting others take care of the inventory, billing and shipping. All you have to do is advertise your web sites. And you've got the time!

Look for our upcoming section: SECRETS OF FREE WEB SITE PROMOTION

  • Here's a simple search engine you can incorporate in your store to sell books. You pick the genre. Over 2 million titles to choose from. To open your bookstore... GO!GO!GO!

    All of the words Any of the words
  • A flower shop may be more your thing. You may decide to feature several floral arrangements, or just a single link, like the one below...
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  • Perhaps you wish to sell gifts on the internet. You could have a single link... or many links. To start now GO!GO!GO!

  • Always a very popular commodity is Coffee and Tea. To open your shop GO!GO!GO!

  • If you advertise "Free" web space, your bound to attract a lot of visitors to your site. Click on the banner below to get your own free web space and forms GO!GO!GO!

  • Music CD's are a huge business. To open your shop GO!GO!GO!

  • How about a web site garage? To open your garage: Just GO!

    Web Site Garage
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